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"Day of Planetaria", that has been held in different countries yearly since 1995, is an important opportunity for involving the international community in a collaboration that aims to promote knowledge of planetaria to the public.
The next "Day of Planetaria" will be held on second Sunday of March.

The following are our suggestions to institutions that can take part in the "Day":

1. Links to all planetaria that participate in this project will be listed on the science web pages of the site.
Planetaria that are usually open on Sundays are invited to collaborate with the "Day" by indicating their interest to the Italian Planetaria's Friends Association.
They can then send the address of their homepage; we will create a permanent link between their site. We also suggest that planetaria create a permanent link to our site on their own website. A representative in each country could also collect a list of activities and programs of this special "Day of Planetaria."

2. During the "Day" planetaria can offer their ordinary program or organize special events (such as lessons, shows, exhibitions, practical sky viewing and so on) that are low cost or free to the public.
Obviously during the events (monthly, weekly or daily programs you chose to provide) we suggest that you indicate that "second Sunday of March" is the annual "Day of Planetaria" and that it is celebrated in many different countries on the same date. It is not necessary to make a big effort in order to be able to join us in the celebration of the "Day."

3. In the leaflet that describes your own planetarium program or in a special leaflet printed for the "Day", planetaria are invited to reproduce the logo of the "Day of Planetaria" (available above).

4. During the "Day" the entrance to some planetaria is free.

5. We are inviting all planetaria, not only the European ones, to take part and to support the "Day." This "Day" could also be held in conjunction with celebrating an event that is unique to your planetarium. For example, anniversaries of planetarium buildings, or openings, or ceremonies to honor past directors or special lecturers could be celebrated as part of the "Day."

6. This initiative provides a good chance for diffusing the knowledge of planetaria to the public at large. Mass media attention is attracted to this event because it is held in many cities around the world. Obviously each planetarium is invited to send "press releases" to local media indicating that second Sunday of March is the "Day of Planetaria". In the future, we hope that other countries will join in this initiative.
For further information or suggestions you can contact us at:
Associazione dei Planetari Italiani, c/o Centro Studi e Ricerche Serafino Zani, via Bosca 24, 25066 Lumezzane (Italy), fax 30/872545,
e-mail: [email protected].



Clicca per ingrandireThe aim of this initiative is to promote the knowledge and the diffusion of planetaria. During this Day planetaria organise shows, lessons, projections, exhibitions and public sky viewing. During the Day in some planetaria the entrance is free. On December 1995 in Lumezzane (Brescia, Italy), at the Serafino Zani Study and Research Center, there was the meeting of the committee for the drawing contest about the logo of the annual "Day of Planetaria" composed by the astronomer Mario Cavedon, representant of the Italian Planetaria's Friends Association, by the architect/designer Liliana Bonomi, representant of the Serafino Zani Study and Research Center and by Patricia Lipovska, representant of the Observatory and Planetarium of Presov (Slovakia).

All the drawings have been examined in advance by the planetarians of the pre-commitee: Jadwiga Biala (Observatory and Planetarium in Olsztyn, Poland), Lars Broman (Nordic Planetarium Association - Broman Planetarium, Falun, Sweden), Stefania Lenzova (Observatory and Planetarium in Presov, Slovakia), Susan Reynolds (International Planetarium Society Mobile Committee - OCM Boces Planetarium, Syracuse, NY, USA) and Zina Sviderskiene (Vilnius Planetarium, Lithuania).

Each planetarian of the pre-committee, without knowing the name and the country of the authors, has chosen the five best works among all the drawings. Among the total number of works, from 4 different countries, the pre-committee selected 14 works. As indicated in the contest rules the committee has chosen, without indication of the name and the country of the authors, the best drawing among the total number of the works selected by the pre-committee.

The best drawing has been realized by Genesio Treccani of Lonato (Brescia, Italy). The committee has chosen the work of Genesio Treccani because the drawing evokes the complexity of the Universe and with a simple element - a curved line - shows the idea of the planetarium dome. Besides, the drawing can be used in different sizes: as logo, for posters, brochures, invitations, covers of publications and so on. The author received a the prize from the Serafino Zani Study and Research Center.
The second prize has been assigned to Claudio Groppelli of Brescia (Italy) that received a prize from the American planetarium firm "Spitz" and their Italian representative "Auriga".
The committee signaled also the followings authors: - Franco Catellani of Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia, Italy); - Sasho Lazarov Chetrokov of Smolyan (Bulgaria); - Federica Malgari of Roncadelle (Brescia, Italy); - Micalic Pavol of Svidnic (Slovakia); - Jerzy Rafalsky and Stanislav Rokita of Torun (Poland). The first drawing selected by the committee could be used as logo of the "Day of Planetaria" by all the planetaria that collaborate in the initiative yearly.